well, hello…

so i’m not exactly sure where to begin a blog about art school, especially since i’m not exactly there yet. where i am is at the edge of jumping in – preparing a portfolio to hopefully be accepted into a visual/fine arts program this fall.  you know those people who say, ‘if i could do it all again, i’d —————–‘?  well, this is me, filling in my blank.

it’s a little daunting to be returning to university at 50 something. it reminds me of cautiously being perched at the top of a ski hill while some little upstart kid zooms past with easy confidence, looking so damn good doing it.  i worry about ridiculously unrelated things like crepey skin and how 50 year old hair doesn’t shine like 20 year old hair.  and relevant things, like money and time and job prospects for the investment.

but in spite of all that, i couldn’t be more thrilled.  a few weeks ago, when i toured the visual design department, my heart skipped at the skeleton posing for the easels, the apple lab, the dark room, the magnificent saws and cutters and presses.  there’s nothing quite so compelling as the tools for imagination.

one day on my internet travels, i stumbled on this little manifesto.  and since i can’t say it better myself;

everything is art


4 thoughts on “well, hello…

  1. I’m so happy you stopped by my blog! I’m a fifty-something–well, turning 50 this summer–who is in art school, too! I’m not degree seeking since I already have my degree in elementary ed, but I’m having a blast being in college again. The best of luck to you, and congrats on taking this big leap and living your dream! 🙂

    1. thanks, it’ll be fun following each other’s adventures! i understand completely your observations on play and dogs – i have a very silly boxer who makes me smile everyday. all the best to you too!

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