beautiful branding…

spent more than a few hours this week on a free trial at the good life and will grudgingly admit i’m beginning to understand the buzz about fitness.   it simply feeeels good.   i’m not about to convert mind you –  i’m still recovering from my religious conversion 3 decades ago, but going to the gym does add another interesting element to life.   like the inability to sit down comfortably for two days after a one hour spin class…

but that aside, i’m about to begin my second admissions project for the visual design program.  i’ve been thinking lately about branding and visual identity and have been inspired by the new corporate identity of the danish string quartet.  take a scan down their amazing linear story board  below.  i love the polished graphics –  they’re clean and contemporary while hanging on to the rich, historical feel of classical music. i  also love how the visual elements of string instruments have been incorporated into their recognizable number 4 logo.

so  for my next admissions project  i’m going to do a little research on the elements of good graphic design, branding and visual identity, brush up on my limited photoshop skills and give a whirl at creating an imaginary corporate identity.  let the fun begin.

danish quartet

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