little stories everywhere…

i promised myself when i joined the gym  i would certainly not be one of those irritating  converts who talk all the time about it.   pretty sure we’ve all suffered tales of triathlons or trx classes thrust upon our polite but uninterested ears.  and here i am about to launch into another gym story.  but i promise, it’s not to boast how devout i am, because i seriously am not.  my daughter bribed me today to go, and i clearly am not above a bribe.   plus i’m slightly more inclined than usual since the 38-year-old husband of a friend suffered a big stroke on monday.   so i went.

because this whole gym thing is new, i’m not all that organized about the stuff it requires yet.  like packing running shoes in my gym bag to go. when i arrived there today, i had a hopeful moment discovering i’d left them on the bedroom floor 10 miles away.  but it faded  rapidly when i texted my gym savvy daughter  and she assured me i wouldn’t look totally geeky on the treadmill in yoga pants and  pretty street shoes.   so i headed upstairs feeling suspiciously like i’d been duped for a greater good.

now i know that no one really gives a rip about a 50 something woman’s non-gym shoes and i know i shouldn’t either.   but its hard not to feel conspicuous in black lace ballet flats  in a universe of spandex, sports bras and cross trainers.  i don’t normally like to draw too much attention to myself, but i wanted very much to stand atop something and shout outloud the entire story of my inappropriate footwear so no one would think i did it on purpose.   but as it was, no one noticed anyhow.

storiesbecause all around, within the ipods and tv shows, on the slick motivational fitness posters,  and behind the eyes of each person, other little stories were floating about everywhere.

i’m still in the throes of researching my visual identity and design project.  it’s been a challenge of knowledge, technology and skill but i’m enchanted by the creative and learning process. yesterday i learned that the enchanted feeling of the ‘chase’ is actually an extended dopamine high. and following the chase or completion of a project, serotonin kicks in with feelings of satisfaction.  i find that an amazing explanation of creative process, one i’ve been through many, many times.

but that aside,  great logo design and visual identity is a smart, simple mix of  communication and art.  visual language, so to speak.  and there are some universal principles of it, like memorabilty,  readability, transferability, printability and longevity of design.  that’s a lot to keep in mind when scratching out a concept on paper or a computer.

the idea i  liked best describing a great logo concept is ‘a logo with a soul’.  that makes sense – we like people with soul,  art and music with soul and organizations with soul.  i’m not sure exactly what soul is, but i  recognize it instantly.  and i have a feeling it’s found in our stories,  a coming together of experience, authenticity and openness. or that might just be my definition today because i’m also thinking about how its fragile things, like stories and thought, that last.  it’s kind of cool to look at the world as being made up of little stories of soul.

so here are some logo examples  i came across that i think have soul,  they tell their story in one quick memorable glance.  sadly,  unlike my black lace ballet flats at the gym.:)


5 thoughts on “little stories everywhere…

  1. Oh, I don’t know…. I think the black ballet flats told a story. Perhaps not the story you would have chosen to tell, but a story nonetheless! Also, it very much something I would do, so I enjoyed reading about someone else’s “Adventures in Forgetfulness”!

  2. Oh, you made me laugh so hard. You’re a great writer. Best wishes on your art design project. Sounds very interesting and mindful.

    I’m glad you stopped by my blog today. I connected with the angst of your experience, and I appreciated your comment very much. It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t been through it. I’m so sorry about your mom.

  3. “because all around, within the ipods and tv shows, on the slick motivational fitness posters, and behind the eyes of each person, other little stories were floating about everywhere.” I really love that, and it’s so true. We’re so often concerned about what other people are thinking about us, when in reality they aren’t paying attention to us at all. Because, like us, they are pretty well self-consumed. I’m always paranoid at the gym, but truth be told, I only give cursory notice to the other people there, so I’m sure they don’t notice me much either.

    I also like your thoughts on logo design. I’m about to start a podcast and I’ve been trying to think of a logo or picture for that, but my mind is always blank. I’ll keep what you said in mind as I give it some more thought!

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