Sueños Mexicano…

Even though it’s been gorgeous here on the West Coast all week, my restless heart is lusting today after a Mexican hacienda.  Last night I totally relinquished my sense of contentment to just 30 minutes of House Hunters International.  Damn that show.

I have a rather romantic notion of Mexico in spite of it’s darker side.  Flamboyant hot pink bougainvillea, white washed stairs ways, hidden garden courtyards, Spanish architecture,  Frida and Diego…  Wouldn’t it be lovely to drop everything and just go?

mexico collage.jpg


4 thoughts on “Sueños Mexicano…

  1. You evoked a sigh moment for me.

    I have/had a beautiful house in Mexico, one I designed myself, chose the bright colors for with great care, decorated with patience and passion. It sits on land that belongs to my ex-husband and is mine no more.

    Freedom always has a cost. Some hurt more than others.

    1. Oh yes – the cost of freedom… I visit Mexico in my mind often. If we’re both visiting at the same time, we should meet for a virtual tequila! 🙂

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