$195.76 later…

Oh my gosh, gulp.    I had nooooo idea textbooks were sooooo expensive.

(and so utterly, indulgently intoxicating.)

art through the ages.jpg


4 thoughts on “$195.76 later…

  1. Books! Wonderful books!

    I checked as much as I could out of the library in college. I just could not do the hundreds of dollars they would have cost. But the books in graduate school were harder to find.

    1. Ah yes – wonderful books. After I bought the text, I discovered I could get it cheaper through Amazon and came across the pdf online. But nothing beats the real thing. 🙂 Thanks for the tip about the library,

  2. I know this well!
    Fortunately, I’ve rented all the expensive books (art history ones)… with the exception of my Survey 1 course’s textbook, because I really enjoy ancient art and wanted something tangible and reliable to have in my collection. I would’ve bought my Italian Renaissance textbook too, but I didn’t want to spend $115 on it.

    That’s one of the few things I don’t regret about art school: being able to build a collection of wonderful, informative books recommended by professors who know their stuff.

    1. I’m all over building a collection, too. I doubt i’ll be able to part with even one textbook for resale. Oh, an Italian Renaissance text – can’t wait for that!

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