PTQD and other DSM revisions…

I heard recently they’re doing away the DSM,  the revered Bible of Psychiatric Diagnosis.  Before they do, I’d like to add few final revisions I’m experiencing based on my new student status.

Ability Deficit Distortions, which began prior to course  onset, alternating bi-polar-ly with,

Over Confident Delusions, and ignoring the recommended study hours per week.

Post Traumatic Quiz Disorder, which developed last night waiting for test results, followed by,

Grade Anxiety/Depression, after getting test results.

Pre Midterm Schizophrenia,  in anticipation of next week’s comparative essay results, culminating in a rampant case of,

Student Terror and Debilitation.

And I thought, ‘oh – this is going to be such FUN.’  Actually I got a B, which I suppose is respectable enough for not having written a test in three decades.   If only it didn’t smack in the face of my A  plus, plus plus expectations….


5 thoughts on “PTQD and other DSM revisions…

  1. Maybe some of these will be part of the DSM 5 but unfortunately I doubt it. Maybe you can submit them to the APA and they will add them for the next revisions (which I think will take another 20 years or so and you will be out of art school my then!) Very cute!

  2. Hi Lori, I’m trying to track down the origin of the stressed teacher illustration on this page. I want to use it on a poster at my university but don’t want to without permission. If you remember where you found it, would you be willing to send me the source? Thanks so much!

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