All in how we see it…

I was planning an exuberant post today about how viewing even boring, mundane things, you know, like math and history, through the right lens can become magical and transporting.  I’ve learned these past weeks to appreciate the geometry of architecture and composition  and have been intrigued with historical politics as examined through the art perspective.

Except, I’ve reverted to the hate side of my bipolar relationship with my course after yesterday’s mid term. Today I never want to hear of another dead artist, pope or king again.   And here I was all set for a new profession as an art historian.

So for a change of pace – isn’t this an amazing picture of the sandstone in the Arizona Desert? It almost looks like someone’s taken a paintbrush to it, doesn’t it?

The  hematite, ilmenite, feldspar, amphibole and mica casting striated, multi-toned,  pink and coral  water coloured brush strokes in atmospheric perspective along the diagonal tranversal line reaching to the foreshortened stone a the front of the composition…

This could almost get me in interested in geology.

sandstone arizona desert



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