Another week’s whizzed by…

summer 2013 a.jpg

This is pretty much what my life looks like at the moment. There are some obvious perks of course; the sunny deck, Italian lavender, good coffee, new pens, the freedom to study – but it’s been a daunting challenge to cover six hundred years of art and history in six weeks, with almost no study skills, a ten minute attention span and high personal expectations.

Back here, I got some sage advice [which I smugly overlooked] about why not to do a condensed summer online art history course. Turns out it was bang on. In hindsight, this kind of journey might be better savoured over twelve weeks in a real, rather than virtual classroom. I’m only slightly stressed by the five assignments, eight quizzes, essay and final exam within the next two and a half weeks. This student life isn’t quite what I imagined.

But that being said, having breakfasted, lunched and dinner-ed with Brunelleschi, Borromini, Bernini and Bonaparte yesterday, today I’ll be coffee-ing with the Impressionists. I guess it could be worse.

Happy Weekend all, wherever your journeys take you.


2 thoughts on “Another week’s whizzed by…

    1. Joan, I stopped over at your new blog, it’s awesome! But do you have a like or comment button anywhere – I couldn’t find them…

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