Colossal Art and Visual Ingenuity…

It never occurred to me that taking just one Art History course could have such an impact on how I view the world.  Early on, the instructor commented, ‘Art is happening NOW’.  This sounds rather obvious, but for a girl firmly enamoured with the painting and sculpture of the Renaissance, it was a shift to imbue  contemporary art with the  same place.

But there’s some incredible contemporary art out there.  In fact, there’s almost no end to it.  It’s different than historical art, but none the less skillful, original and noteworthy.   This week I found  a site called Colossal – Art and Visual Ingenuity, and indeed it is.

Among other innovative and thoughtfully executed projects like painting with light and shadows, ‘sandwich’ books toothpick sculptures of San Francisco – this Optical Illusion House in London had me musing and gazing for quite a while.

optical house

Wikipedia defines art as, ‘The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture…  As in, ‘the art of the Renaissance’.

But I would totally define this as art, as well.  Art continues to press its boundaries and mine.  LOVE that.


6 thoughts on “Colossal Art and Visual Ingenuity…

  1. Nice piece, and what a cool foto! I think I would make it look like I am standing on my head on a window sill if I ever got to visit the Optical Illusion House. Either that, or perched atop the building. 😉 I just love that someone (1) came up with such an idea, and (2) actually created it. Art indeed!

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