Sunday Afternoon Sightseeing…

This is the Royal Oak Funeral Chapel.

royal oak chapel 2

When I was a kid growing up on the outskirts of Vancouver, this was the scariest place in town.  Many nights,  we’d run by full speed to avoid un-departed ghosts from making themselves at home in our mortal bodies.  When I was a teenager, the mansion gained some notoriety when it hosted the funeral of a high profile Hell’s Angel.  You never really forget places like these.

This is where I had lunch today.

sushi house

The old Royal Oak Funeral Chapel has been converted into Oyama Sushi.  Over the years, it’s been home to many restaurants.  I’d never been in it before, though often wondered about it’s interior.  It now has a decidedly Japanese flair that gives no hint of it’s morbid past.  Lunch was excellent, but it’s still very odd to eat sushi in the haunted house of your childhood…


6 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Sightseeing…

  1. We must have grown up in the same neighborhood … we used to go through that graveyard all the time (always at midnight to make it more fun!!!!) and I also lived several blocks from Deer Lake … did you by any chance go to Royal Oak Junior High????

    1. Yes, I sure did. Royal Oak for grade 8-10, then to Burnaby South where I graduated in ’77. I used to be Lori Helem. Maybe we know each other… 🙂

  2. I used to be Kathy Scott …. went to Royal Oak and then Central (though I was supposed to go to South and a lot of my friends did) … but I’m a bit older than you … graduated in ’75 .. were you there the year they had the “cannual”???? I loved growing up in Burnaby!!!! so many good (and fun) memories!!!!

  3. Thanks Lori … I looked it up and saw pictures of my brother!!!!! I have some of my class pictures from Marlborough so should add them to the site … I always love hearing news about people I grew up with and neighbourhood and school stories ….

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