Sunday in Town…

Staying in Vancouver this week, touring galleries, museums and taking some art classes.  This afternoon I’m heading to the Burnaby Art Gallery on Deer Lake.  The Gallery is housed in the historic Ceperley House, built in 1911.

Originally owned by the Ceperley family, it’s also been home to a group of Benedictine Monks, a student frat house and an orphanage run by a criminal cult called The Temple of the More Abundant Life.

I grew up walking distance from Deer Lake and didn’t even know this place existed.  When I was a teenager, I knew Deer Lake as the summer drunken party hot spot.  Now it’s a little hub of culture,  speculated hauntings and history.  Sometimes you have to leave a place and return, to fully appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Town…

    1. It sure can. And oh yes, Vancouver’s awesome. I grew up there but have lived the past 23 yrs in the Fraser Valley. The Valley is beautiful, but I’m longing for the city again…

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