Detroit in Ruins…

I have a bit of a fascination with ruins.  Particularly beautiful ruins still shadowed in their original glory.  I was both absolutely taken and appalled discovering these extraordinary photographs documenting the decline of Detroit.     This is the ballroom of a 1929  art deco hotel, abandoned since the early 90’s.   It’s so very odd [to me] that this is happening in a major American city in our generation.  Disturbing in spite of it’s derelict beauty…

detroit in ruins

7 thoughts on “Detroit in Ruins…

  1. I have read that Detroit has full sections of the city that are abandoned (and seen some pictures)… I too am drawn in by abandoned buildings, cities, etc… I actually want to plan a trip around visiting abandoned places… only time will tell if it will come to pass, but there is just something very beautiful about these places, I think it may be the pasts they hold…

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