‘And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…’

I love Oscar Wilde’s poetic words.  I love September too.  Almost as much as Spring, and certainly more than January.    I’m not sure why we make resolutions in January, when it’s so hard to think, overloaded from the festive season and almost paralyzed by the long stretch of winter ahead.  I can’t make plans in summer either, lulled by the heat, watering of flowers and all those magnificent books to finish.  Even the wasps are drunk by the end of August.

But September, with its crisper days, return of routine and vagabond beauty stirs me to begin.  Like waking up one sleepy morning, rolling over and remembering with equal parts excitement and discomfort, ‘it’s the first day of school!’  And even if you’re not returning to school, the feeling, however distant, comes rushing back to welcome in the new season.

I went on a whirlwind tour of Europe earlier this year, saw things i could hardly believe existed.  It was like being transported into a  story book.  I’ve since begun reading history, slowly piecing together art, religion, wars, kings, heretics & heroes.  (Heretics & Heroes is a book, btw, an excellent one.)  After much indecision, I’m back studying Art History, this time hopefully with more understanding & enjoyment.

I hope to update here with bits and pieces about art and life.  And probably dogs, Christmas trees & the occasional mental meltdown.  Here’s to heading off into this season of pumpkin spice lattes, candlelight & new beginnings.



6 thoughts on “‘And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…’

  1. Lovely! I too am transformed in the fall; it seems to have an energy to it even though the falling leaves and shorter days foretell endings ahead. I’m glad you had so much inspiration this summer. Art and history cannot be separated.

  2. Beautiful photo! I love the Fall. I wish it started earlier here in TX, but I can make carmel apples and pretend the colors are changing and it’s cooling off outside. Art history is the best! I loved those classes in college, but then I’m kind of a nerd. I’d love to talk art history some time!

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