Word Crimes…

your shitSo, I’m taking an online creative writing course this semester.  I’m pretty sure it’s not proper english to introduce a topic with so, but so it goes. I’ve been reminded that there are alot of a great many academic writing rules that I don’t know, or have forgotten. Like not starting a sentence with like, or with a conjunctive adverb, like unfortunately.  Unfortunately, I quite like starting sentences with unfortunately. Having all this pointed out recently has been bit of a blow.  The kind of blow that makes me want to gulp back a shot of Sambuca or buy a new pair of shoes.  You know, deal with things head on.

My prof is an East Indian man with a strong accent. You might wonder how I know this, given that this is an online course.  Before registering, I thoroughly perused Rate My Prof and read it in the student comments.  Something about this intrigued me, conjuring up exotic tales of The Little Princess or The Hundred Foot Journey.  Imagining critique spoken in lyrical lilt softens it a little.  Seriously, try it.

This morning I also found some consolation in my facebook feed.  My facebook feed is like a personally designed daily newspaper.  I get selected updates on my fave topics; psychology, art, science, history, design and now writing.  It’s helpful hearing other people’s writing experiences.  The Guardian has a great article today on Ten Rules for Writing Fiction.  I especially liked Michael Morpurgo’s rules, mostly because he said this:

‘With all editing, no matter how sensitive, I react sulkily at first, but then I settle down and get on with it, and a year later I have my book in my hand.”

Hear.  Hear.  On a final note,  check out Weird Al’s Yankovic’s Word Crimes.  Smart and funny.  (note: that last sentence is missing a subject.)



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