The Lost Cycle of Time?

Ancient Origins has a fascinating article today titled, The Lost Cycle of Time.  One of the things I’ve been observing studying art history is that suddenly great civilizations disappear, only to be replaced by civilizations whose art and culture has regressed.  This makes me ask ‘why?’  With the gaps in recorded history, ‘why?’ isn’t an easy question to address.  What, I wonder, influences a golden age of discovery, like those of the ancient Greeks or the Renaissance?  Maybe we could include the computer age in this as well?

I’m by no means an expert, only a question asker, a ponderer.  Walter Cruttenden’s article is intriguing as it attempts to explain the effect of the cosmos on collective consciousness.  This consciousness, he suggests, may explain the ‘why’ of our historical periods of great discovery, the rise and fall of great empires.

Perhaps there’s another explanation.  The world is filled with unanswerable questions.  But today I’m in the fifth dimension, singing ‘The Age of Aquarius’.  Let the sun shine in.  🙂




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