Renoir’s House…

In case you’ve ever wanted to peek into the great impressionist painter’s house, here’s your chance.  It’s in a quiet little village called Essoyes in Champagne-Ardennes, France and apparently, we’re among the first to visit.

This is the gate leading into Renoir’s front courtyard.  He lived here with his wife Aline, who was a seamstress and their three sons, Pierre, Jean and Claude.   He died here also, with the house staying in the family until his grand-daughter sold it to the town Essoyes.  The town plans to open the house as a museum in 2017 but as of these pictures, it still looks exactly as it did when the Renoir’s lived here.

Renoir-gateHere’s a view of the back yard.  And just down the path is the stream where Renoir painted well into his old age.


If you’re curious what’s inside, pop over to The Good Life France for a complete tour. Take your time, I’ll be waiting in the yard.  I’m a bit worried about ghosts.


 The Renoir family in the studio of the painter ~ around 1901


9 thoughts on “Renoir’s House…

  1. Interesting post! We have a Renoir house on the Riviera too. It’s in Cagnes-sur-mer and, in his later years, the artist spent his winters here. It’s now a museum. Thanks so much for sharing.

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