Of Istanbul, Ephesus and Turkish Tea…

The wind is whipping the white cotton curtains of my outdoor tent into a frenzy this morning. Hot pink geranium petals, golden rose petals and bright orange pansy petals are whirling across the deck like Sufi dancers, caught in a dervish.  I’m entranced at the moment with Turkey. It began with a study of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral/Mosque in old Constantinople earlier this year. I chased my bewitchment to Berlin to the Museum of Islamic Art and have yet to purge myself of its lingering spell. Yesterday I came across this clip from Watchtower of Istanbul and have literally watched it at least half a dozen times since. So beautifully done.

3 thoughts on “Of Istanbul, Ephesus and Turkish Tea…

  1. Great promotional of Turkey. I lived in the Adana area for about a year. It looked and felt a lot like Southern California. And the mountains were beautiful.

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