An Armoured Dress…

Because who knows what the day may bring?

amoured dressThis plastic dress sculpture, which looks every bit 17th century original, was part of a 2003 special exhibition of the Styrian Armoury in Graz, Austria.  The Armoury holds approximately 32,000 pieces of historical weaponry, tools and suits of armour for battle and parades. The dress itself isn’t historical or wearable, but rather a modern statement piece amidst the armoury’s fascinating collection.

The designers behind the exhibition, Esther Geremus and Birgit Hutter, presented gowns from four historical periods: Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque and present day, and four periods of women’s lives; girlhood, marriage, pregnancy and old age.  The gowns were  scattered amongst the armoury’s four floors; the colourful delicate fabric of some the gowns softening and contrasting the tales of war and death emanating from the armour.  The overarching point of the exhibition however, was that whether we clothe our outer selves in metal or silk, we are all still vulnerable people.

I especially appreciate the combination of historical artefact and modern art creating new meaning.  More pics and info about the iron maiden gown and the fascinating “Rock und Rüstung” (translated: “Skirt and Armor”) exhibition here.  It’s well worth popping over for a look.

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