Good Morning!

coffeeSo here it is 4:57 am.  My circadian system got all excited with the light of dawn and the convention of robins outside my window sealed the deal. Early morning is my favourite time of day.  I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of the warmth and energy I find in that first gulp of coffee everyday.  Hello old friend.

I took a creative writing class last semester.  One of our assignments was poetry package, including a haiku.  You might remember from grade school that haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of three  stanzas arranged in syllables of 5, 7, 5. (I had to look that up, it’s been a long time.) Traditional haiku usually takes nature as its subject, but I rather prefer coffee.

Mid morning coffee

Percolating today’s plots

With cream and sugar.

‘Good one!’ my East Indian prof teaching an English class on Japanese poetry commented.  That encouraged me so much, I wrote him another one.

Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!

Oh, would my five word exclaim

Extend your brief stay!

Unfortunately, my five word exclaim didn’t extend Spring’s brief stay.  Summer rushed in like a 300 pound line backer and crushed the poor thing. I love the idea of summer, but I’m just not a summer girl anymore. (Flip flops & dairy queen, however…) I think by the time we’re 55, we all deserve an indoor cooling system. And a pool. And a really good garden hose.  I have 2 of the 3.  But let me tell you about the garden hose.

I know it’s a bit peculiar to get so frothy about a garden hose, but my brother introduced me to the X hose a couple of years ago and we became fast friends.  What’s not to love about the world’s first and only expanding hose?!  Compact, lightweight, never kinks or tangles.  Just watch this clip, seriously.  You’ll thank my brother.

I went out with my x hose last night, as I do every evening, in the cool, dusky light.  I turned the nozzle to mist, and gave all my flowers a long, cool drink.  As I stood there watching the mist make little rainbows above the hydrangeas and roses, I let the mist fall all over me as well. This  reminded me of a story in Anne Lamott’s awesome book on writing, Bird by Bird.  

When Anne was a kid of about 8, she was in the kitchen with her aunt and cousins on a hot summer day. Her aunt and uncle had just divorced and the aunt was sad, worried and wounded, and had done a little retail therapy.  She’d bought an extravagant lemonade making contraption, with a special squeezer and holding tank on top. Anne writes,

“Of course it goes without saying that to make lemonade, all you need is a pitcher, a lemon juice squeezer, ice cubes, water, lemon and sugar.  That’s all.  Oh, and a long spoon.  But my aunt was a little depressed and this lemonade making thing must have seemed like something that would be fun, and would maybe hydrate her life a little, filling her desiccated spirit with nice, cool, sweet lemonade.”

Now it may not be a lemonade maker that hydrates your life, but I’m sure there’s something.  This summer, I’m hydrating with an online course on European history, a couple short family trips, a lot of good books, a little writing, coffee (hot in the morning, iced in the afternoon) and my x hose.

How will be you hydrating your life this summer?


7 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun this summer. I have one of those X hoses. Works pretty good, except that it leaks a little. My summer project is to build a new computer and install the Linux operating system, saying goodbye to Windows forever.

      1. I wouldn’t call myself an expert or technophile, but I have built my last three computers. It saves a little money, and most importantly, I am assured of having good quality parts in my machine.

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