Monday Evening…

So here it is, my last night in the city.  I’m sitting in the garden, a glass of sparkling rose in hand, peppered salmon and basmati rice waiting to be heated.  It’s been a lovely four-day retreat from everyday life; early morning coffees, a trip to Granville Island and the Steveston dock,  a tour through Shaughnessy to ogle mansions, lots of time to ponder, contemplate and dream.

And oh, amazing food ~ chocolate crusted cheesecake piled high with blueberries and whipped cream, Hagen Das ice cream bars,  crusty bread and Tillamook cheese, garlic prawns drenched in butter, spicy Mexican soup with cilantro, roasted corn and black beans… I’ve read for hours, polished my toes, watched four movies, a few historical documentaries and written to my heart’s content.  I am nothing if not satiated.

It’s easy to forget how important it is to make time every now and then to refresh. Sometimes just getting out the front door is the hardest part, those loose ends and unfinished tasks nipping at our ankles as we try to leave. Even though my family is well able to take care of themselves now, I still have to shake off mild pangs of guilt and separation as I go.  That mother thing runs deep.

But it was good to peer through the window of the Arts Club Production Centre at the theatre props; bicycles, hoses, globes, couches, rope ~ the tools of imagination!  Almost more exciting than seeing an actual production. Or to gaze at the lofted ceilings of Emily Carr University and contemplate the Mixtape (black holes, trauma and leather) exhibition ~ “What exactly does that black hole mean?” Just seeing the artful displays of fruit and pastry at the Granville Island Market gave something back to me that I didn’t even know was missing.

I’m thinking it might not be too indulgent to plan a regular monthly getaway. Ideally an overnight but at least a day. I’m going to take seriously Anne Lamott’s observation on ‘hydrating our lives’.   I’m heading back to the valley tomorrow with my city girl roots deeply watered.

And next month is only three days away.


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