Mini Art Conservators…

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the UK held a Festival of Archaeology this week.  They invited some young visitors in to learn conservation skills and help clean up some “treasure.”  How cute are these mini art conservators with their white lab coats and microscopes?

blog 1Art conservation focuses on the restoration, preservation and analysis of art and artifacts. It requires a unique combination of knowledge in art history, science and artistic practices. And of course, good eyesight, concentration and manual dexterity.

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I think it’s awesome that the Birmingham Museum is introducing kids to the variety of career possibilities in the art field.  I have a secret ambition to become an art conservator too.  I don’t know if it’s a practical dream, but it keeps me going.  In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through these little guys and girls.

Oh, for a treasure, a white lab coat and a microscope…

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Camping, anyone?

How about an overnight in a 16th century English country church?  The Churches Conservation Trust in England is a national charity protecting and preserving historical architecture.   You can spend a night beneath a medieval window or in an intricately carved stone ‘tomb’, believed to be a Norman shrine to St Augustine for about 60 pounds a night, including breakfast.  Sigh.  More info here.

church camping

church camping 2