still my fave philosopher…

i can hang multiple pictures on a wall, level, without using a level or measuring tape.  i  can hand mix paint colours to match almost anything. i can pull together a room or an event,  write poetry and pen scriptly letters.  i can also remix ideas and play with words.  and somehow, i naively thought i could translate those skills into something like the new visual identity of the danish string quartet  i was talking about last week.  what ever was i thinking?

this weekend, i’ve practically  blinded myself on my hp mini – imagining a corporate entity in need of revamping,  and researching the how to’s of  graphic design and visual identity.  that part came pretty easy.  but i can not for the life of me, draw a straight line, measure accurately,  execute a proportional logo drawing, or  get the friggin computer to do what i want.

graphic design is hard.   my  ‘hey, i could do that!’ enthusiasm has slammed against my cut and paste computer skills,  drawing ability and distaste for  precision.   i think it’s time to nix this project and move on to something different   …but what instead?…   so  i’m seeking solace and inspiration this afternoon in the immortal words of my favourite philosopher.

suess 2