Come away ~ Suffolk

I’m thinking it’s about time for an escape.  An imaginary one, albeit ~ but we can dream, right?  How about we leave misty, provincial British Columbia and head over to a manor house and luxury cottages in Suffolk, England?  True, it’s likely equally misty there this time of year, but it’s English mist and that’s different.  Allow me to introduce you to the Sibton Park Wilderness Reserve, a private country estate where we can immerse ourselves in 4,500 acres of sprawling, quintessential English landscape, only two hours from Central London. Continue reading “Come away ~ Suffolk”

Camping, anyone?

How about an overnight in a 16th century English country church?  The Churches Conservation Trust in England is a national charity protecting and preserving historical architecture.   You can spend a night beneath a medieval window or in an intricately carved stone ‘tomb’, believed to be a Norman shrine to St Augustine for about 60 pounds a night, including breakfast.  Sigh.  More info here.

church camping

church camping 2